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May 2nd, 2019

Founder Björn Lifvergren end roles with BTI Studios!


Former BTI Studios Chief Executive Officer, Björn Lifvergren today formally announced he's stepping down from the Board of Directors of BTI Studios with immediate effect and that he also has terminated his consultancy agreement with the lobal localisation company. Mr. Lifvergren commented on the news;

"I accepted the role as non-executive director with BTI Studios, against my better judgement. I've always said that former CEO's should not join the BoD. BTI Studios is taking a new course with the new management, that I no longer can support, as a result I'm taking the consequences and am leaving the board.

Björn Lifvergren founded BTI Studios in 1995, building BTI Studios from a small basement business, into a global leader with revenues in excess of €100 million. Mr. Lifvergren acted as CEO spanning over three decades, and finally stepped down as CEO in September 2018. Since leaving the CEO role in October, Mr. Lifvergren has successfully completed a number of bolt-on acquisitions in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands on BTI Studios´ behalf. Adding revenues exceeding €25 million. Mr Lifvergren also served as director in the BoD of BTI Studios.


Mr. Lifvergren elaborated on his decision;


"I bring most value to companies that are in an entrepreneurial stage.

Going forward I´m looking at opportunities within start up companies, are looking into an international growth phase. I will also look to support   business owners and management teams in expanding and growing their businesses, as well as to maximize value, when they are looking to make an exit.


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