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10 Years with Private Equity

- a survival guide

In the past months, I've started to write about my learnings from working with Private Equity funds. You can find my articles here;

Core Values & Vision

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How do you realise the most value, when exiting your company? That's a question that many founders pose to themselves.

The easy answer is - you can't do both at once!

Most founders do not realise that the major part of the value lies with them. How their client connections, cost focus and market knowledge is the most highly prized assett in their company. If they leave, the value walks out the door! So, when thinking about exiting - sit down with an advisor. Map out your different options well ahead of the time you wish to exit your company - and make a detailed plan to recruit great talent that can support the business and make it run just as good without you!

If you are looking to sell to a Private Equityfund or a company financed by it - be sue to bring this into the discussions at some point - usually after you hooked them on the deal. Having the kost highly prized assett walk out the door, can be a deal breaker to most companies - but play it well, and you will realize a high valuation on your creation.

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Exit Planning

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